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Top-Rated Full Service Commercial Pool Care Company

We are a top-rated full-service commercial pool care company proudly keeping the Orlando area’s finest resort and community pools looking their best. Whether you need daily service, weekly service or a one-time emergency cleaning our professional pool service technicians will work with you to make sure it looks like a postcard pool!


We Make Pool Cleaning Easy

Your only job is to own the pool; our job is to clean it. Whether your pool is leaking, suffering from sharp or broken tiles, or even rusted pumps, we can resolve all these common issues easily and efficiently. We service Homeowner’s Association communities, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, and more. At All Pool Service & Supply, we make pool cleaning easy, quick, and stress-free. If your pool is not properly cleaned, the dirty water can leave stains on your pool’s surface. Additionally, unclean water can hurt the eyes of swimmers, and even break down pool filters and pumps. When our professionals clean your pool, they do it thoroughly the first time, so you can rest assured the water you’re swimming in is safe and clean.

Our Services Include


  • Daily Service
  • Weekly Service
  • Emergency Service
  • Chemistry Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Green Pool Cleanings
  • After Storm Cleanups
  • Post-Construction Cleanings
  • Tile Cleanings
  • Brushing & Vacuuming
  • Algae Removal
  • Acid Washing
  • Repairs
  • Resurfacing
  • Renovations

Your  #1 Trusted Source for All Pool Services