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Central Florida’s Trusted Pool Service Company

It’s no wonder we’re a household name: For over 50 years we’ve served the pool service needs of homeowners throughout central Florida. Our certified pool service professionals are certified, licensed, insured, and highly trained to handle any of your pool service needs. If you’re looking for reliable pool service, All Pool is Orlando, Florida’s trusted service provider.

Providing quality pool service is our top priority.  That’s why we offer a free evaluation and quote for your pool service before we get to work on your pool.

We’re here to help with your pool service so there’s no need for you to stress over having a clean pool.  Let All Pool handle the dirty work so all you have to do is swim.

If your pool is in need of professional service, contact us today!

Our Weekly & Semi-Monthly Swimming Pool Service

All Pool offers weekly or bi-monthly pool service depending on your specific needs. Whether we visit your property four times in a month or less, we guarantee to thoroughly clean and service your pool so it’s ready when you are.

Here’s what each pool service package includes:

  • - Provide detailed professional service
  • - Add chemicals, as needed
  • - Brush tile lines
  • - Vacuum the pool floor
  • - Clean the skimmer
  • - Clean and empty pump baskets
  • - Test chemicals
  • - Inspect pump equipment
  • - Inspect pump equipment
  • - Clean and service salt cell
  • - Clean filter as necessary

Contact Us Today

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Your  #1 Trusted Source for All Pool Services